About this game

This game was built in 3 days for the Ludum Dare Game Jam. It's really short and easy, but we hope you have fun!

About the team

Words from us

  • Romain Huc: Third Ludum Dare and second finished game !! Hourray ! I was a pleasure to make Bonfire. Great idea, some fancy music experience ( yeah testing Computer/Ai generated music was something ), good visuals, and burning (lot of) trees has something oddly satisfying. I’m fine with the result, it exceed my expectations !
  • Colin Bellino: This was felt good from the beginning. I had fun with the theme and the art and we had time for a polish phase at the end because the gameplay loop was so simple. I wish we had time to make more levels though :o

Tools used


Bonfire v1.0.1 (Mac) 22 MB
Bonfire v1.0.1 (Windows) 25 MB
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A short but fun game. The mechanics of more than one campfire caught me by surprise.

Oh, thanks so much for playing our game! It was done in a very short time and i wasn’t expecting people would still play it, this made my day. <3