A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Search the rooms of your manor and deal with any enemies you come across. Defeat every enemy to progress to the next level. But be quick because your health is constantly draining!

This game was done for Ludum Dare 50 in 72 hours.


  • Goal: Stun all invaders to clear a level and dash through them to heal yourself.
  • Your life is permanently draining from hunger.
  • Focus on evading and feeding on stunned invaders when low on health.
  • The game is available in English and French.
  • Fair warning: the last level is way too hard, sorry!


ActionsMouse & KeyboardGamepad
Move WASD, ZQSD, Arrows Left stick
Aim Mouse Right stick
Shoot Left click Right trigger/button
Dash Right click Left trigger/button
Pause Escape Start button


Source code:


ludum-dare-50-mac.zip 50 MB
Version 1.2.1 Apr 19, 2022
feast-windows.zip 41 MB
Version 1.2.1 Apr 19, 2022
ludum-dare-50-linux.zip 56 MB
Version 1.2.1 Apr 19, 2022

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