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One Second! is a series of fast paced RPG battle where you have to make quick decisions and defeat your foes. 

Once you are into a battle you can only act when the timer is blue (one second) and the red is the "AI" turn (not sure we can call this AI at that point haha).

You can only do one action per turn (attack or heal), same for the enemies. 

This game was created for the Game Maker Toolkit (GMTK) Game Jam of 2019, the theme was "only one".

Edit: i just realized there is no way to "win" the game right now since it's just infinite battles.

Enjoy and feel free to send feedbacks my way so i can do better next time ❤

Play in your browser:

For some reason, the version on itch isn't working correctly but the one on github is: https://colinbellino.github.io/gmtk-2019/

Controls (see screenshot): 

  • Left click (on a character): Attack
  • Right click (on a character): Heal
  • Escape: Back to menu / exit

Source code:
https://github.com/colinbellino/gmtk-2019 (some of the code is really bad and should not be considered best practice, at all!)


I recorded my screen during the whole process (except some design notes on pen & paper): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuvIs4mDbE0


  • Colin Bellino (me@colinbellino.com): programming, art, design

Tools used:

Special thanks:


One Second (v0.2 - Windows) 20 MB
One Second (v0.2 - Mac) 21 MB
One Second (v0.2 - Linux) 21 MB
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